Mind-Body Bridging Recovery Program

For Those Working in the Field of Addiction Treatment

The Mind-Body Bridging Recovery Program, based on the Mind-Body Workbook for Addiction: Effective Tools for Relapse Prevention and Recovery, is a formalized program consisting of a cycle of eight psycho-educational groups.

This psycho-educational program is ideal to be presented withing inpatient and outpatient environments, as well as aftercare programs. For addiction treatment providers who are interested in becoming a qualified MBBR Program Instructor, we offer training, either online or in person.

Target Audience: Addiction Counselors and Healthcare Professionals who desire to teach the MBBR Program to addicted populations. They should already be working in the field of substance use disorders.

Course aims: To develop an understanding of the content of an MBBR Program and the principles that underlie it.  Students will develop the necessary understanding and competence to teach MBBR Program to addicted populations within an individual or group environment.

MBBR Program Instructor Training consists of:

  • 16 Hours of  Experiential Training
  • Training Materials, including the Mind-Body Workbook for Addiction book.
  • Presentation Materials

On successful completion of the training, you will receive a certificate from I-System, Inc. indicating that you are a qualified Mind-Body Bridging Recovery Program Instructor.