Mind-Body Bridging

Mind-Body Bridging (MBB) is an internationally recognized clinical and psycho-educational modality, developed by Dr. Stanley H. Block, that optimizes health, wellness, and human performance. Dr Block, knowing well humanity’s suffering boldly proclaims: “You and the world are not broken!”. MBB is a subtraction rather than addition. By removing the sole hindrance (I-System) of individual and collective suffering, harmony and balance is restored. MBB applications are backed by numerous publications in major peer reviewed medical journals, as well as seven acclaimed books that have been translated into nine languages.

MBB has been developed and meticulously researched over the last 15 years by physicians, mental health professionals, and researchers. MBB is a unique personal growth technique and clinically researched method that achieves remarkable results. MBB is a method of healing that offers a new paradigm in health, wellness and human performance.